Seitai × Treatment

Seitai Treatment2We are pleased to introduce our new addition to our treatment menu at Beng Teng Spa, Seitai × Treatment (120 minutes/19,800 yen)offered through May 31.

This menu includes Seitai (60 minutes) plus an oil treatment (60 minutes) and is the perfect way to detox and energize your body. Seitai is a form of physical therapy involving soft strokes performed while you’re fully dressed, which reaches deeply into the body, creates better physical balance and pulls out signs of fatigue. After Seitai, fatigue is further carried out of the body with an oil treatment which promotes the proper flow of the circulatory and lymphatic symptoms.

This service is provided by one therapist in a private room. Following treatment, you’re welcome to relax in the Beng Teng Spa members’ lounge with its beautiful ocean view.  As a welcome gift for all guests enjoying this new treatment, we’ll either waive the Beng Teng Spa membership fee or present you with our original herbal tea to take home.

Seitai without the oil treatment can also be enjoyed, rates are as follows:
Seitai 60(60 minutes for whole body: 10,260 yen
Seitai 40(40 minutes for back): 7,020 yen
*Beng Teng Spa annual membership fee will be charged to first-time visitors.
*Additional discounts cannot be applied to these plans.
*We recommend Shiatsu massages at Yumemi Salon if you prefer massages with stronger strokes.

Please email here for reservations and inquiries.

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