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Seitai Treatment1

Seitai × Treatment

We are pleased to introduce our new addition to our treatment menu at Beng Teng Spa, Seitai × Treatment (120 minutes/19,800 yen)offered through May 31.

This menu includes Seitai (60 minutes) plus an oil treatment (60 minutes) and is the perfect way to detox and energize your body. Seitai is a form of physical therapy involving soft strokes performed while you’re fully dressed, which reaches deeply into the body, creates better physical balance and pulls out signs of fatigue. After Seitai, fatigue is further carried out of the body with an oil treatment which promotes the proper flow of the circulatory and lymphatic symptoms.

This service is provided by one therapist in a private room. Following treatment, you’re welcome to relax in the Beng Teng Spa members’ lounge with its beautiful ocean view.  As a welcome gift for all guests enjoying this new treatment, we’ll either waive the Beng Teng Spa membership fee or present you with our original herbal tea to take home.

Seitai without the oil treatment can also be enjoyed, rates are as follows: Seitai 60(60 minutes for whole body: 10,260 yen Seitai 40(40 minutes for back): 7,020 yen *Beng Teng Spa annual membership fee will be charged to first-time visitors. *Additional discounts cannot be applied to these plans. *We recommend Shiatsu massages at Yumemi Salon if you prefer massages with stronger strokes.

Please email here for reservations and inquiries.

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Special Spring Plans ~Lavender and Neroli~

We’re pleased to offer two Special Spring Plans now through May 31. Ideal for achieving a good balance of body and mind, the treatments are designed around your choice of lavender or neroli oil. Each has a refreshing scent to help revitalize you!

– Body Treatment Plan (70 minutes) : 12,000 yen Treatments for the full body (except for the abdomen) and scalp. Massage with long, slow strokes leads to deep relaxation. Good for getting rid of stress.

-Body and Facial Plan (80 minutes) : 16,000 yen Body: Back, shoulder and legs (Focuses on releasing the stress on your back.) Facial: Cleansing, oil treatment, musk and finish

*Beng Teng Spa annual membership fee will be charged to first-time visitors. *Additional discounts cannot be applied to these plans.

Please email here for inquiries and reservations.

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New Intestinal Health Plans

Enoshima Beng Teng Clinic is an alliance partner with Enoshima Island Spa. Their staff of highly trained professionals includes doctors, hot spring instructors and managerial dieticians able to recommend effective and personalized treatment plans for each guest.

We’re pleased to introduce two new plans for intestinal health supervised by the clinic. Improving intestinal health promotes whole-body health, with the bowel considered the “second brain,” with a clear link between intestinal and mental wellbeing. Boosting bowel function can benefit the entire digestive system as well as the skin and immune system. Consider trying these new treatments in additional to our signature offerings during your next visit.

Plan A: Dietary Therapy Course (includes spa entrance and meal) 6,500 yen/person Meal: Japanese hot pot with foods rich in fiber and lactic acid bacterium supervised by the doctor and managerial dietician. Menus: Amazake (sweet-fermented rice drink), cabbage with kelp, miso and ginger-flavored hot pot with chicken and mushrooms, rice with mixed grains and seaweed, herbal tea or coffee, soymilk custard with toasted soybean flour and berry sauce.

Plan B: Treatment/Massage Course (includes spa entrance and treatment or massage) 10,000 yen/person 1. Treatment at Beng Teng Spa (40 minutes) Treatment with ginger oil on the abdomen and reflexology on the feet which promote proper bowel activity as well as the use of hot stones to warm you from inside. You have a choice of ginger tea after the treatment.

2. Massage at Yumemi Shiatsu Salon (70 minutes total: 30 minutes for foot/40 minutes for body) Treating both the soles of feet and body through massage improves your autoimmunity by maintaining body balance and a higher metabolic rate while promoting the optimal flow of the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Please contact us via email here for reservations and inquiries.

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Christmas menu

Special Christmas Plan Starts December 1

BengTeng Spa inside Enospa offers special Christmas plan as below from December 1st through 25th! http://enoshimaislandspa.com/beng-teng-spa/special-xmas-plan/

*Please note the Beng Teng Spa membership fee (¥1,080) will be charged for registration at the time of first visit.

Candle de Noel: Plan1   Option 1: Total 150 min Treatment  (¥24,800 per person) Option 2: Total 150 min Treatment  & Full course Christmas Dinner (¥29,800 per person)

The 150 min Treatment includes:

  • Foot bath
  • Body Treatment using Beng Teng Spa’s original candle aroma oil
  • Facial Treatment
  • Scalp Massage
  • Special Christmas Dinner  (Optional, See below for details)

Candle de Noel: Plan2 Option 1: Total 100 min Treatment  (¥19,800 per person) Option 2: Total 100 min Treatment  & Full course Christmas Dinner (¥24,800 per person)

The 100 min Treatment includes:

  • Body Treatment using Beng Teng Spa’s original candle aroma oil
  • Hot Stone Treatment
  • Scalp Treatment
  • Special Christmas Dinner (See below)

Full course Christmas lunch/dinner at the Island Grill using locally sourced produce and organic ingredients:

  • Appetizer plate: Scallops and salmon carpaccio – with ocean jewel sauce
  • Soy bean Chowder soup
  • Bread (rye bread & sesame rolls)
  • Grilled local fish and shrimp
  • Grilled Chicken with 4 kinds of mushrooms and honey mustard sauce
  • Christmas Special dessert plate
  • Coffee or tea *Photo is for illustrative purpose only.


1. Enospa will present you the massage candle (equivalent to 4,000 yen) used for your treatment session so that you can enjoy it at home.

2. Additionally, Enospa would serve one free drink when you sign up for Plan 1 or 2. Please order your favorite from either a glass of beer, wine, sparkling wine or soft drink on the day.

Advance reservation is requred at least two days prior to your visit. You can call directly to 0466-29-0690 or email from here  to make a reservation at BengTeng Spa.

We can also reserve a couple massage room. “Couples massage” is one of the most popular services at the spa right now. Two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time, by two different therapists. It can be a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, or even moms and daughters sometimes or best friends. It would be a lovely way to relax and enjoy your time together.

Please enjoy!

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Enoshima Island Spa Resort 10th Anniversary Pack

Enoshima Island Spa Resort 10th Anniversary Pack

To honor our 10th anniversary year, we are pleased to annouce a Special Anniversary package! It’s available from March 1st to May 31st. (Except Golden week holidays, May 2nd -5th). Please enjoy!

Full Day Use ¥3,240  |  Night Spa Entrance ¥2,160

What’s included in the package are:

  • Entrance fee (Full day use of Enospa facilities)
  • Foot warming socks
  • Enospa Original gift
  • A chance to have your vein health checked at the Holistic Club (Not available during Night spa time)
  • A free 10 minute extension on any treatment you get at the BengTeng spa or Yumemi
  • Choose to have a free bathing suit rental or a free welcome drink

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