Moon Special Treatment


Beng Teng Spa is proud to offer two seasonal special plans that combine body and facial treatments to help you look and feel your very best. Please enjoy our award-winning treatments to further enhance your natural beauty. We invite you to come and feel for yourself, the uncanny ability of our Natural Moor Mud Body Treatments to heal, nourish, and detoxify – it’s your time to be rejuvenated with a total pampering experience.

New Moon Treatment
(Only offered on the day of a new moon)

Moor mud is used to detoxify, revitalize and refresh your body. The natural minerals and medicinal properties of Moor Mud are absorbed via the skin, which will gently exfoliate the dead skin and leave you with a healthier, brighter complexion.

90 minutes, 19,800 yen

  • Detox Skin Care with mineral-rich moor mud (facial pressure point massage and scalp massage)
  • Body Treatment (back, legs, stomach, neck, shoulders, decollette and arms)

On the day of a new moon, our body’s capacity to detox is at its highest. Come to Beng Teng Spa and indulge yourself with a true gift from nature.

Schedule in 2020: Jan 25/Feb 24/Mar 24/Apr 23/May 23/Jun 21/Jul 21/Aug 19/ Sep 17/Oct 17/Nov 15/Dec 15

Full Moon Treatment
(Only offered on the day of a full moon)

Hot stone treatment is offered to help you relax and ease tense muscles to remove your fatigue. The stones we use for the treatment are purified on the day of a full moon and brought from Enoshima Shrine. They provide you with Shinto charms including good luck, health, long life and beauty.

90 minutes, 19,800 yen 

  • Body Treatment (back, the back of legs and scalp massage)
  • Hot Stone Massage (back and back of legs)
  • Facial Treatment (cleansing, hand massage with Rose quarts oil, moisturizing face mask and finish)

On a full moon night, you can absorb the positive energy into your body for your health. Our Full moon treatment leaves the skin tighter and softer while promoting deep relaxation, for a clean body and a clear mind!

Schedule in 2020 : Jan 11/Feb 9/Mar 10/Apr 8/May 7/Jun 6/Jul 5/Aug 4/Sept 2/Oct 2/Nov 30/Dec 30


*After taking the above two menus, if you make a next reservation for one of the moon treatment courses, you will get a set of 5 Enospa Original Healing CDs as a present! 

*You will get Free admission to all Enospa facilities. (only when combined with Beng Teng Spa treatments for 60 minutes or more) 

*Please Note: The Beng Teng Spa membership fee (1,100 yen) will be charged for registration at the time of first visit. Children  in elementary school are welcome every day except Sunday and there is a strict no-tattoo policy enforced at the spa. Also, Enoshima Island Spa offers a device-free experience, so please leave all cameras, phones and electronic devices in your changing area locker.