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From humburgers to fresh sushi, finger foods to a five-course gourmet meal, Enoshima Island Spa is a journey of culinary discovery. Our innovative chefs, each trained and certified, will take your palate global with a lineup of complimentary and specialty options.

Enoshima Cafe

We have Enoshima Café at the spa entrance and two poolside cafés. The Seaside Café in the main pool area and the Moonlight Café in the cave area will keep you satisfied with drinks, snacks, and light meals. Use Enoshima Café as a place to meet up or rest when you explore Enoshima island.
Cafe menu

Island Grill Restaurant

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean with Mt. Fuji shining in the background, the Island Grill Restaurant offers a fresh and varied menu including seafood paired with traditional Japanese vegetables along with delicious and filling meat and pasta options. The Island Grill Restaurant is able to accommodate vegetarian requirements with advance notice.

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