Enoshima Toro Lantern Festival 2019

[Light Up Whole Enoshima Island with Japanese Traditional Lanterns]

When it comes to summer in Enoshima, most people automatically think of relaxing on the beach. But do you know how real Enoshima enthusiasts spend their time on the island in summer? Let us give you the insider’s guide to the perfect Enoshima Summer day.

The best way to spend a relaxing day at Enoshima is a visit to Enospa, starting with a refreshing dip in the indoor / outdoor pools while taking in the gorgeous views of iconic Mt.Fuji. Ready to take relaxation to the next level? Next it’s time to soak in the restorative thermal waters of the onsen. The heat of the onsen water relaxes the muscles and boosts the metabolism, while the naturally occurring minerals are said to improve many health ailments.  Finally, no spa day is complete without a little pampering with a massage or facial treatment. As the sun starts to set, take a seat at the Island Grill Restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal while watching the sunset.

It’s not time to head home yet! A warm summer evening is the best time to stroll around Enoshima island. Did you know that every night in August, you can see many Japanese traditional lanterns (Toro/灯籠) positioned all over Enoshima Island. You can enjoy this traditional night illumination only at this time of the year.

Why don’t you take a walk to see this Toro festival after soaking in the hot spring at Enoshima Island Spa? 🙂

  • When: Every night in August
  • Time: After sunset (around 6:00 pm) to 8:30 pm
  • Where: Enoshima Island and on Subana Street in Katase Town Admission
  • Fee: Basically free. Admission is required to enter Samuel Cocking Garden and Iwaya Cave

 *Festival may be cancelled in the event of heavy rain or strong winds.

*Check here for more information on the Lantern Festival: http://travelenoshima.jp/festival/lantern.html

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