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blue caveEnospa Sojourn Part 1: Far from the Madding Tokyo Crowd at Enoshima Island Spa

Take the trains to Enospa for the fastest route to relaxation from Tokyo strains.
Some days, even on one of those lovely sunny mid-winter days that Tokyo is often blessed with, it can still feel too close and up in your face to contemplate another day of stress and strain in the maddening Tokyo streets.  When you feel like that, especially when mulling over your first cappuccino of the day is not hitting its usual spot, this definitely should be the day you make your way out to Enospa, a four floor palisade dedicated solely to health, stress reduction and your personal relaxation. Read more


partyEnospa Sojourn Part 2: To Enoshima Island Spa, a Breath of Scented Airs

The whole of Enoshima Island Spa has been designed in a curvature minded sense. No straight lines or stiff rectangular changing rooms to re-activate traumatic schooldays memories. Quite the contrary, all the corridors and four floors of Enoshima Island Spa (nicknamed “Enospa”) you follow a flowing line like the mineral-riche, warm water itself. With aromatic scents for all, wherever you are is relaxing. Read more



massageEnospa Sojourn Part 3: The True Meaning of Massage and Enoshima Island Spa Beng Teng Spa

My partner chose to experience the Signature Massage” (see Enospa Sojourn Part 2) … I went for the 40 minute massage which focuses on the feet mostly going as far as the knees. This was a real foot massage by a kind and polite yet very strong armed professional massage therapist My partner opted to experience the 60 minute “Signature Massage”. She emerged from the Signature, feeling light and totally rested. Her reflection….. Read more



fairyEnoshima Island Spa Has a Mineral-rich Hot Spring in the Pool Area

It is a rare onsen (hot spring) where visitors can bathe in their bathing suits. When I first came to Japan way back when, I dreaded entering a hot spring area where naked bodies eased in and out of steaming mineral scented water. As I grew accustomed to the custom…Read more




YumemiShiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage (finger pressure massage) is a traditional Japanese massage in which the practitioner uses his or her fingers and palms to put pressure on different parts of the body. A shiatsu massage can be done all over the body but my favorite is the Shiatsu foot massage. Feet have multiple nerve endings which feel good when stimulated. Read more




fujiOnsen and Mount Fuji — Enoshima Island

Enoshima island is one of my favourite places for a day trip from Tokyo. I love the ocean air, the view of Kamakura and Mt Fuji, and the shrines and small shops around the island. This Sunday I took a day off from the busy city to visit the onsen at Enoshima Island Spa. It turned out to be even better than I had imagined. Read more




cave poolJust Outside of Tokyo, But Heated Pools Year-round at Enoshima Island Spa

Enoshima Island Spa is located just outside Tokyo (direct ride on the Romance Car from Shinjuku Station..60 to 70 minutes). This ancient healing spot is just off the Shonan Coast and you take a 10 minute walk over the bridge to the island itself. The spa entrance fee of 2,742 yen gives you access to two floors of lovely heated pools and a hot spring area. Read more