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Onsen (Hot Springs)

The Japanese onsen bath has come to be representative of relaxation, not to mention it's one of the most rudimentary and fulfilling pleasures available to us fleshly beings. The separate indoor onsen baths are beautifully situated with a view of Mt. Fuji over the ocean.


Spend time in the communal pool area and enjoy heated indoor and outdoor pools. Swimsuits are required here, and are available to rent at check-in. The cave pool area now also features a café and bar.

Beng Teng Spa

Enospa’s exclusive Beng Teng Spa offers private therapy rooms with a variety of ways to unwind like massage treatments using aromatic oils and hot stones. At the Beng Teng Spa Members’ Exclusive Lounge, you can relax after your treatment with a cup of herbal tea.

Island Grill Restaurant

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean with Mt. Fuji shining in the background, the Island Grill Restaurant offers a fresh and varied menu including seafood paired with traditional Japanese vegetables along with delicious and filling meat and pasta options. The Island Grill Restaurant is able to accommodate vegetarian requirements with advance notice.

Enoshima Cafe

We have Enoshima Café at the spa entrance and two poolside cafés. The Seaside Café in the main pool area and the Moonlight Café in the cave area will keep you satisfied with drinks, snacks, and light meals. Use Enoshima Café as a place to meet up or rest when you explore Enoshima island.


We have saunas in the men's and women's areas of Enospa as well as Aufguss. Held at regular times throughout the day at the sauna in the pool area, Aufguss means “onpouring” in German and is a sauna experience in which herb-infused air is circulated by our concierge to create a natural, healing effect.

Relaxation Space

The whole of Enoshima Island Spa has been designed in a manner to promote the ultimate in relaxation and stress reduction. With comfortable furnishings and a no-electronics policy, leaving your worries at the door is easy.