Sightseeing Tips

To help you make the most of your visit, here are just a few sightseeing tips for Enoshima Island as well as the Kamakura area.


Enoshima sea candleJewel of Shonan Festival

Enoshima Island has been lit up for the Jewel of Shonan Festival, with delightful night time illuminations at various locations, including the Sea Candle Lighthouse, Samuel Cocking Garden, some of the local cafes and restaurants. It is chosen as one of the three major illumination spots in the Kanto area by the Night View Summit, which evaluates night views throughout Japan.  Read more



dragonEnoshima Island is a Legendary Power Spot

Enoshima has the myth of a five-headed dragon. The dragon was responsible for the hardships in the surrounding area, and the benevolent goddess Benzaiten eventually came from above to soothe the dragon’s rage. Along with her coming, she raised a large landmass from the ocean to serve as her dwelling. The dragon, wooed by Benzaiten’s beauty and benevolence, fell in love with her, but she rejected his proposal as punishment for the adversity he had brought to the humble fishing communities. Read more



templesNot Quiet Temples and Shrines

Some Japanese temples are beautifully quiet places with peaceful gardens. Before I came to Japan I mistakenly imagined all temples and shrines would be like that. I was thinking of ponds with koi carp and turtles, perfectly maintained leaf-free stone gardens, and areas sculpted with moss and plants.

And then I discovered these marvellous loud places. There are shrines and temples that you reach through crowded streets filled with shops selling local specialties, tea, sweets, hats, shoes, rice crackers, umbrellas, socks, and swords Read more


rideWild Rides in Kamakura

If you are ever looking for that ultimate traditional Japanese experience, look no further than a trip to Kamakura. There are countless activities to fill your interests in Kamakura, including experiencing the outstanding larger than life Buddha, walking amongst the time-honored temples, sampling the customary food, and acquiring the crafts specific to the region.  Read more



daibutsuKamakura Daibutsu and the Beach

For a great day trip on the weekend, visiting Kamakura is a great place to visit. The Daibutsu (Great Buddha) in Kamakura is one of the most famous and well known Buddha statues in all of Japan. In fact, you can actually go inside of the statue and see what it looks like from the inside. In the summertime though, it is hot, but it is interesting to see from the inside.  Read more



hikeEasy Hike through Kamakura

Seeking to combine some sight-seeing with a bit of hiking, I found a short hiking course in Kamakura, starting at Kita Kamakura Station and ending up near the Daibutsu, from where the walk can be extended until the sea shore. Read more




hasederaThe hydrangeas of Hasedera

June is really probably not one of the best times to be in Japan. Endless days of rain, laundry that doesn’t really dry, excursions cut short because of squalls…

However the plentiful watering does bring one positive event with it: the riotous blooming of hydrangeas. An attractive weed, they grow easily and brighten up the city and parks with their shades of blue, violet and pink blush. Read more


Enoden Train

trainEnoden Train Ride from Kamakura to Enoshima in Japan

Enoden is short for Enoshima Electric Railway. It is an old line that runs between Kamakura and Fujisawa along the coast passing Enoshima island and people just love it. I love it too.

Riding this small train line feels like stepping into a toy train set. Read more



enodenStep one: Fight for the Front Seats

The best seat you can get is at the very front, right behind the train driver. There, you can see the view of the lush trees and plants alongside the tracks of the Enoden train line as well as the tranquil seashore of the Shonan beaches!  Read more

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