Enoshima Toro Lantern Festival 2019

[Light Up Whole Enoshima Island with Japanese Traditional Lanterns]

When it comes to summer in Enoshima, most people automatically think of relaxing on the beach. But do you know how real Enoshima enthusiasts spend their time on the island in summer? Let us give you the insider’s guide to the perfect Enoshima Summer day.

The best way to spend a relaxing day at Enoshima is a visit to Enospa, starting with a refreshing dip in the indoor / outdoor pools while taking in the gorgeous views of iconic Mt.Fuji. Ready to take relaxation to the next level? Next it’s time to soak in the restorative thermal waters of the onsen. The heat of the onsen water relaxes the muscles and boosts the metabolism, while the naturally occurring minerals are said to improve many health ailments.  Finally, no spa day is complete without a little pampering with a massage or facial treatment. As the sun starts to set, take a seat at the Island Grill Restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal while watching the sunset.

It’s not time to head home yet! A warm summer evening is the best time to stroll around Enoshima island. Did you know that every night in August, you can see many Japanese traditional lanterns (Toro/灯籠) positioned all over Enoshima Island. You can enjoy this traditional night illumination only at this time of the year.

Why don’t you take a walk to see this Toro festival after soaking in the hot spring at Enoshima Island Spa? 🙂

  • When: Every night in August
  • Time: After sunset (around 6:00 pm) to 8:30 pm
  • Where: Enoshima Island and on Subana Street in Katase Town Admission
  • Fee: Basically free. Admission is required to enter Samuel Cocking Garden and Iwaya Cave

 *Festival may be cancelled in the event of heavy rain or strong winds.

*Check here for more information on the Lantern Festival:

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Special Night Pool 2019

Don’t miss the “Special Night Pool” at Enospa! [Photos Are Welcome]

Make the most of the warm summer nights at Enospa’s “Special Night Pool”- starting from July 6th!Over the summer months Enospa’s outside pool area will be transformed each weekend with a special night pool illumination. Enjoy the combination of beautiful coloured lights and picturesque ocean-views while floating in or sitting by Enospa’s luxurious outdoor pool.

What’s so special about the “Night Pool”?

For the first time ever, Enospa will allow guests to bring their electronic devices into the outdoor pool to take photographs of the very special Summer night pool illumination. Usually guests are not permitted to bring any electronic devices into the Enospa facilities, however with such a special and photogenic display, Enospa Management have decided to make an exception! Share your experience of Enospa’s “Special Night Pool” illumination with your memorable photographs.

Date: From July 1st to September 30th only on weekends and national holidays:– July: 6th, 7th, 13th-15th, 20th, 21st, 27th, 28th– August: 3rd, 4th, 10th-18th, 24th, 25th, 31st– September: 1st, 7th, 8th, 14th-16th, 21st-23rd, 28th, 29th

Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pmVenue: Outside Pool on the 2nd FloorPrice*: 3,660 yen for adults             1,782 yen for elementary school students (except Sundays)

*Please note that special charge will be applied on weekends and national holidays from July to September and the night spa entrance rate is not available on those days.

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Enospa Hawaiian Festival 2019

Experience the Pacific Harmony at Enospa!

Taking place on May 18th and 19th, the Enospa Hawaiian Festival will feature Hawaiian music performances by national and international artists, This is a celebration of the Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures held each year on the 2nd weekend in May. Many Japanese Hawaiian Halau groups participated in Hawaii’s Merry Monarch Festival to rave reviews and we are sure you will enjoy the music and beauty of Hula from the area Halau Hula groups. Lots of Hawaiian stores will open on these two days. Date:   May 18th – 19th, 2019 Time: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Venue: Dragon Square, Food Court Area in front of Enoshima Island Spa / East Entrance Free Admission

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Fabulous-After-50 Discount Available at Enoshima Island Spa

Fabulous-After-50 Discount Available at Enoshima Island Spa!

To create a health-conscious community, Enoshima Island Spa is now positively offering “Fabulous-Over-50” discount for Entrance rate on weekdays. All you have to do is to bring your photo I.D!

The half-century mark is no longer a big deal. Age is just a number. By today’s standards, 50 isn’t old. Yes, thanks to improved health practices and advances in science and medicine, we are living healthier longer and looking younger beyond our years.

Keeping a good physical shape can be a challenge, but there are a lot of people out there who know how to manage it! They all make some kind of efforts in their own way and have fun with it.

Why don’t you pay a visit to our Spa and save 500 yen for your entrance fee? There is no reservation required for entrance to Enoshima Island Spa. The entrance fee includes access to the Ensopa onsen (hot springs), heated pools and relaxation room. A complimentary robe and towels are also provided for your convenience with visiting the spa.

To add some healthy routine in your lifestyle this spring would be rewarding!

Fabulous-After-50 Discount – ¥2,526 (Weekdays only) *Save 500 yen for customers who are 50 years and older (Ref: Regular Full Day Entrance  – ¥3,120)

*Please bring your photo I.D.

See more details about entrance rate

Beng Teng Spa Body & Facial Treatment and Shiatsu-type massages are also available with additional costs.

Please note: Children in elementary school are welcome every day except Sunday and there is a strict no-tattoo policy enforced at the spa. Also, Enoshima Island Spa offers a device-free experience, so please leave all cameras, phones and electronic devices in your changing area locker.

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Best Sakura Viewing Spots in Enoshima Island

Just a short ride away from Tokyo, both Kamakura and Enoshima are great weekend getaways. It is also a popular cherry blossom viewing spot in Spring!

The best places to see the blossoms on Enoshima island are from the flower gardens next to the shrine/temple near the top, as well as at the top of the hill.  There are also some cherry trees in the square at the end of the bridge when you walk from the Katase Enoshima Station.

We’ve seen these up close and since they will probably bloom during the last two weeks of March, you might want to make your plans now! Sightseeing walks around Enoshima island to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom in early April is also a very popular activity, so make sure you try to get to the island early to beat the crowds.

We also recommend a nice swim in the warm pools at Enoshima Island Spa.

Rejuvenate yourself with body and facial massage or soak in the outside pools at Enospa! It’s a great way to complete your day.

Enospa has a fabulous view of Mt. Fuji from the outdoor pool where all visitors can enter with swimsuit on. If you’re coming for a daytrip to Enoshima or Kamakura, I would totally recommend taking some time to chill out in the spa.  So don’t forget your bathing suit!

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10% Discount Coupon For Entrance Rate

Looking for a Hot Spring Experience Like No Other?

This campaign offer has ended since 4/13/2019. 

Japan is home to some of the most remarkable hot springs in the world.

Regardless if you’re in a rural or urban area, the country has lots of accessible options that will let you enjoy the natural gift of geothermal heat – relaxing and therapeutic at its best.  Our spa is located just one hour from central Tokyo and you can enjoy the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji!

Experience bliss in one of the finest day spas in Japan at Enoshima. Jarman International KK is happy to present you a special Jarman Discount Coupon. The coupon is for 10% off the entrance fee for the full day spa.

Please note this coupon is applied to entrance rate only. *It will not apply to dining at our Island Grill Restaurant, Beng Teng Spa treatments and Yumemi Shiatsu-type massages.

You have access to the hot spring / onsen baths, heated pools (don’t forget your bathing suit), relaxation room and sauna. A spa robe plus towels are included in the entrance fee for your time in the spa.

Please inquire about a special discount coupon at least 48 hours prior to your visit from below.


NOTE: When you inquire, please specify which day you would come, how many people in your group and their full name. Then, we will send you the coupon in PDF which you can either print out or digitally present at check-in.

*One coupon is valid for up to five guests in the same group. *The discount doesn’t apply to Ladies’ Day, the night spa and Fabulous-After-50 discount rates. *Please note that there is a very strict no-tattoo policy enforced at the spa. *Children in elementary school (6 years old and above) are welcome except Sunday. * Photos and electronic devices are not allowed in the spa. We ask that everyone keep their devices in their locker to maintain a peaceful and relaxing environment for all.

Our offerings include fine dining at our Island Grill Restaurant as well as a variety of treatments at Beng Teng Spa and Yumemi Shiatsu-type massage Salon. (*The 10% off discount coupon will not apply to these.)

It is our goal to make a difference in the lives we touch by offering the highest level of service by trained professionals in the most relaxing environment for our clients.  You are always welcome to combine any of our spa and salon services for a custom package that meets your needs!

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Beng Teng Spa Winter Campaign

Beng Teng Spa is offering a special treatment “Winter Campaign” for a limited time only from February to March 31. Facial mask with chocolate enhances the barrier function of skin and moisturize your skin. It’s a perfect treatment to improve dry skin and regulate the oil and moisture content of skin. You will feel very relaxed and blissful in the sweet and rich aroma of chocolate!

Plan 1: Bath, Body and Facial (120 minutes/19,800 yen) -Bath Time -Whole body treatment (back, lower back, soles of feet, arms, neck, shoulders, decollete, scalp) -Facial (cleansing, oil massage, chocolate mask, cooling massage, finishing)

Plan2: Facial (80 minutes/16,000 yen) -Foot Bath -Body treatment (arms, soles of feet, scalp) -Facial (cleansing, oil massage, chocolate mask, cooling massage, finishing)

~The function of cacao~ The cultivation of cacao has a long history back in 2,000 B.C. in ancient Mexican civilization. Its name means “God’s food” and has been appreciated as an anti-aging medicine. Cacao contains a variety of nutritional elements; the antioxidant action from polyphenol, tranquilization from the obrominem, boosting a sense of happiness from phenylethylamine and more.

*The Beng Teng Spa membership fee (¥1,080) will be charged for registration at the time of first visit.

Please contact us via email here for reservations and inquiries.

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Christmas Buffet Plans on December 23 and 24

We’re offering special Christmas Buffet Plans on December 23 and 24. These plans include lunch or dinner buffet and spa entrance. Before or after your lunch or dinner, you can relax in the onsen, sauna and pools and take in a stunning sunset in the heated outside pool. How about enjoying a special meal with your friends, family or colleagues while enjoying a beautiful view? Only buffet is also available.

Lunch for 90 minutes at 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. or 1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m. Adult: 5,000 yen, Elementary school student: 3,000 yen (Adult: 3,000 yen, Elementary school student: 2,000 yen for buffet only)

Dinner for 90 minutes at 5:00 p.m.-6:30 pm or 7:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Adult: 7,000 yen, Elementary school student: 5,000 yen (Adult: 5,000 yen, Elementary school student: 4,000 yen for buffet only)

Menus Lunch Buffet: Salad Bar Bacon Penne Salad Prosciutto and Tomato Caprese Smoked Salmon Herb Marinated Squid Salmon and Shrimp Terrine Vegetable Terrine Clam Chowder Baked French Onion Soup Pizza Margherita Whitebait Pizza Whitebait and Spinach Spaghetti with Dried Mullet Roe on top Bouillabaisse with Local Sourced Seafood Special Roasted Chicken Desserts -Chocolate Rolled Cake -Mille crêpe -Mini Cream Puff -Cheesecake -Berry Mousse -Matcha Cake -Salted Caramel Cake -Grape Jello -Panna Cotta Soft Drinks -Juice, Coffee, Tea, Herbal Tea etc.

Dinner Buffet Salad Bar Bacon Penne Salad Prosciutto and Tomato Caprese Smoked Salmon Herb Marinated Squid Salmon and Shrimp Terrine Vegetable Terrine Salmon Roe with Crème Cheese Canape Snow Crab with Crème Cheese Canape Clam Chowder Baked French Onion Soup Pizza Margherita Whitebait Pizza Whitebait and Spinach Spaghetti with Dried Mullet Roe on top Bouillabaisse with Local Sourced Seafood Special Roasted Chicken Special Roasted Pork Special Beef Curry with Rice Desserts -Chocolate Rolled Cake -Mille crêpe -Mini Cream Puff -Cheesecake -Berry Mousse -Matcha Cake -Salted Caramel Cake -Grape Jello -Panna Cotta Soft Drinks Fresh Fruit -Strawbarry -Melon -Grapefruit -Orange -Pineapple -Juice, Coffee, Tea, Herbal Tea etc.

Those who book the plans can free drinks (alcohol or non-alcohol, one drink per person) !

For inquiries or reservations, please email here.

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“Jewel of Shonan” Festival on Enoshima Island

A winter illumination event on Enoshima island will start on Sat., November 25th this year. Lights around the Enoshima Sea Candle will be up until Sun., February 18. Don’t miss this romantic and lovely event. It would be lovely to take a walk up to the garden and explore the island.

“Jewel of Shonan” Festival

Period: Sat., November 25 – Sun., February 18 Venue:  Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden, Enoshima Sea Candle, Kamegaoka Square, Nakatsumiya Square, Enoshima Iwaya (Grottos), etc. Time: 5:00 p.m. -8:00 p.m.  (last entry 7:30 p.m.) on weekdays / 5:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.  (last entry 8:30 p.m.) on weekends and Mon., December 25 to Fri,. December 29 *Lighting time from Sat. January 20 to Sun. February 18 will be at 5:00 p.m.

So when you visit Enoshima Island Spa during the event period, you can enjoy a relaxing natural hot bath in the cryspy winter air, while watching the sunset behind Mt. Fuji, with the added bonus of viewing the lovely illuminations around the island. Especially in the winter time we have many clear days with a good view of the snowed Mt.Fuji!

Our Night Spa discount starts from 6 p.m. Only with 1,932 yen per adult, you have access to pools and hot spring facilities. (Part of the outside pool area is closed during winter season.) We offer towels and spa robes to every guest and rental swimsuits are available. No reservation is required for spa entrance.

The Enoshima Island Spa is located across the bridge from Katase-Enoshima Station, just over an hour from the center of Tokyo. We have Enospa visit reports by our guests on the landing page. Take a look at their reviews. They will greatly help you to get a better feel of what Enospa is like! Our Facebook updates about Enospa’s recent news, special campaigns and various Enoshima island attractions regularly.

Enjoy the winter time!

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Special Christmas Plans at Beng Teng Spa

We’re pleased to offer two Special Christmas Plans at Beng Teng Spa for a limited time only through December 25. The treatments in these plans utilize organic fir tree oil from the Himalayas, providing a sent fit for the holiday season. The oil is very rare and works well for relaxing the muscles and nerves. After your treatment, you’ll get a small bottle of this wonderful oil to take home with you!

As the weather gets cooler and the air drier, you may experience changes in your skin or just feel like you are constantly shivering. These plans are the perfect ways to moisturize your skin and warm your body inside and out. We hope you’ll join us for a relaxing treatment before a busy festive season and the coming year!

Plan 1 (90 minutes/16,800 yen)

Get rid of your fatigue with hot stones blessed at Enoshima Shrine for your health and beauty followed by a head massage with oil to ease tension and lead to deep relaxation.

  • Body treatment for back, legs, neck, shoulders, decollete, arms and scalp.
  • Hot stone massage for back and the back of legs.

Plan 2 (150 minutes/29,800 yen)

  • Foot care including foot bath and cuticle care: After warming your body with a foot bath, we’ll provide intensive care to the cuticles of your feet.
  • Body treatment for back, legs, neck, shoulders, decollete and scalp: We massage tired, sore areas thoroughly to achieve proper balance.
  • Facial including cleansing, oil massage, caviar mask, cooling massage and finisher: Suppress the skin’s aging process for resilient skin with caviar extracts.

*Beng Teng Spa membership fee (1,080 yen) will be charged to first-time guests.

Know someone who would love one of our plans as a Christmas gift? They’re available with our gift certificate during the same period as above. *Gift certificate is valid for three months and we accept reservations for the certificate of Christmas plans after December 25 except for New Year holidays. *Beng Teng Spa menbership fee (1,080 yen) is included in the certificates. (Plan 1: 17,880 yen, Plan2: 30,880 yen)

For inquiries and reservations, please email here.

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