Premium Fridays at Enospa

Have you heard of Premium Fridays?
The Japanese government launched the “Premium Friday” initiative last February, aimin弁天スパ アロマオイルg to start a shift in the nation’s work habits by getting people out of the office early on the last Friday of the month. (May 26, June 30, July 28, August 25, September 29, October 27, November 24 and December 29)

We’re now offering the following privileges for our guests to enjoy on Premium Fridays at Enoshima Island Spa:
– Afternoon spa entrance fee after 3 p.m.: 2,526 yen/adult
– Happy hour from 3 to 6 p.m. at Island Grill Restaurant. A glass of beer or sparkling wine is just 540 yen (normally 756 yen)
– Seven essential oil options instead of four for treatments at Beng Teng Spa- Blood vessel check at the Holistic Club
– Enoshima coffee ice cream at Enoshima Café will be 350 yen (normally 400 yen)
– Dessert burger at Shonan Burger will be 300 yen (normally 380 yen)
– Aromatherapy scent provided every 30 minutes in the Cave area18557133_1513319485405492_5661398893648587710_n

It’s also the perfect season to float in the spa and pools with a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji.
We look forward to welcoming you!

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