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Winter Campaign 2019

Winter Campaign 2019 ~ Body & Facial Treatment ~

We are pleased to offer you another special high-quality beauty care and massage treatment course this winter! This limited time offer, will be available until February 29th, 2020.

This special course centers around seasonal essential oils, that are carefully selected for each of the winter months.


  • December: Himalayan Fir Tree— Fresh scent of this holy oil evokes the serenity of a deep forest, leaving you feeling totally relaxed!


  • January and February: Yomogi (Japanese Mugwort)— it is known as “Queen of Herbs” and also has been used as an effective herbal remedy and bath additive. One of the fragrance ingredients, cineol, induces high-quality deep sleep.

These organic body oils deeply penetrate to relax aching muscles and joints while helping to warm and stimulate the body. Combining these particular oils with our original hot stone massage, it’s highly recommended during winter season.


Body & Facial Treatment (100 minutes/21,450 yen)

-Body treatment (back, legs, arms, neck, shoulders, décolleté, scalp) -Hot Stone Massage (back of legs) -Facial (cleansing, face massage, moisturizing mask, finishing)

Our facial is the perfect treatment for anyone wishing to rebalance the vital functions of their skin and correct the visible signs of ageing. Instantly smoothing and plumping fine lines and re-hydrating thirsty skin.

You can also enjoy our popular hot stone treatment for back of legs – to warm up the core of your body. The stones we use for the treatment are brought from Enoshima shrine and provide you with Shinto charms including good luck, health, long life, and beauty.

Enjoy a complimentary herb tea in our lounge after treatment sessions.

[Recommended Optional Treatment]

-Foot Bath [10 minutes/+1,100 yen] -Salt & Oil Bath [15 minutes/+3,300 yen]




You can call directly to 0466-29-0690 at Beng Teng Spa or make a reservation online.

*Please Note:  You will get Free admission to all Enospa facilities. (only when combined with Beng Teng Spa treatments for 60 minutes or more) . The Beng Teng Spa membership fee (¥1,100) will be charged for registration at the time of first visit.

**Children in elementary school are welcome every day except Sunday and there is a strict no-tattoo policy enforced at the spa. Also, Enoshima Island Spa offers a device-free experience, so please leave all cameras, phones and electronic devices in your changing area locker.

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10% Discount Coupon For Entrance Fee

Looking for a Hot Spring Experience Like No Other?

Japan is home to some of the most remarkable hot springs in the world.

Regardless if you’re in a rural or urban area, the country has lots of accessible options that will let you enjoy the natural gift of geothermal heat – relaxing and therapeutic at its best.  Our spa is located just one hour from central Tokyo and you can enjoy the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji!

Experience bliss in one of the finest day spas in Japan at Enoshima. Jarman International KK is happy to present you a special “Jarman Discount Coupon.” The coupon is for 10% off the entrance fee for the full day spa.

Please note this coupon is applied to entrance rate only.*It will not apply to dining at our Island Grill Restaurant, Beng Teng Spa treatments and Yumemi Shiatsu-type massages.

You have access to the hot spring / onsen baths, heated pools (don’t forget your bathing suit), relaxation room and sauna. A spa robe plus towels are included in the entrance fee for your time in the spa.

Please inquire about a special discount coupon at least 48 hours prior to your visit from below.

NOTE: When you inquire, please specify which day you would come, how many people in your group and their full name. Then, we will send you the coupon in PDF which you can either print out or digitally present at check-in.

*One coupon is valid for up to five guests in the same group.*The discount doesn’t apply to Ladies’ Day, the night spa and Fabulous-After-50 discount rates.*Please note that there is a very strict no-tattoo policy enforced at the spa.*Children in elementary school (6 years old and above) are welcome except Sunday.* Photos and electronic devices are not allowed in the spa. We ask that everyone keep their devices in their locker to maintain a peaceful and relaxing environment for all.

Our offerings include fine dining at our Island Grill Restaurant as well as a variety of treatments at Beng Teng Spa and Yumemi Shiatsu-type massage Salon. (*The 10% discount coupon will not apply to these.)

It is our goal to make a difference in the lives we touch by offering the highest level of service by trained professionals in the most relaxing environment for our clients.  You are always welcome to combine any of our spa and salon services for a custom package that meets your needs!

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Crystal Award 2019

A Gift from Enospa To You!: Beng Teng Spa Won the “Top 10 SPA of Japan 2019”!

A Gift from Enospa To You!: Beng Teng Spa Won the “Top 10 SPA of Japan 2019”!

We are pleased to announce that we have won “Top 10 SPA of Japan” at the Crystal Award 2019 (held on September 11th) for the 7th time in 10 years. We are now offering a SPECIAL EXTRA TREATMENT to celebrate and appreciate your patronage. Come in now to experience our award winning treatment! This unique offer is available only until December 15th 2019.  

What’s the Crystal Award? The Crystal Award, sponsored by Spa & Wellness Japan and Concept Asia KK, is given to the most attractive spa facilities and beauty brands, as voted by spa users.

Our general manager Ando accepting the Crystal Award

With sincere gratitude, we offer extra treatment those who will take following treatments. As a privilege, the entrance rate for natural hot spring and pool will be free with those courses.

Target Treatment Course:

  • Signature Treatment [90 minutes/ 15,510 yen per person]
  • Gentle Relaxation [90 minutes/ 15,510 yen per person]
  • Hot Stone Dragon [90 minutes/ 17,600 yen per person]

Special Present: *Please select one from below. The present treatment will be given during course time period.

  • Extra hot stones for legs
  • Scalp massage with aroma mist
  • Face points

Limited Offer: until Sunday, December 15th (You can take the benefits many times during this period)

Please take this opportunity to take our proud treatment!

★ You can read more information here on Tokyo Beauty Book.

**Beng Teng Spa membership fee (1,100 yen) is required for registration at the time of first visit to the treatment salon.

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