Winter Campaign

Winter Campaign  ~Ginger Oil & Hot Stone Massage ~

We are pleased to offer you another Special high-quality beauty care and massage treatment course this coming winter!
Limited time offer until February 28th, 2019.

This special course features Kerstin Florian’s ginger oil. This certified organic body oil deeply penetrates to relax aching muscles and joints while helping to warm and stimulate the body. Together with our original Hot Stone massage, it’s highly recommended during winter season. Energizing essential oils of Ginger, Coriander and Plai invigorate the senses and you will feel totally refreshed!

Ingredient highlights:

  • Zingiber Officinale – Ginger from Indonesia. Helps to soothe and ease muscle aches and pains while it relieves fatigue and offers an anti-inflammatory response
  • Plai – Ginger from Thailand. An essential ingredient to combat joint and muscle issues, this exotic type of ginger is also known to invigorate, helping relieve chronic colds and respiratory conditions
  • Coriandrum Sativum – Coriander from Morocco. This green herb from the parsley family helps to revitalize aching muscles as it enlivens the senses and relieves fatigue

You can also enjoy our popular Hot stone treatment for back and back of legs – to warm up the core of your body. The stones we use for the treatment are brought from Enoshima shrine and provide you with Shinto charms including good luck, health, long life, and beauty.

Enjoy a complimentary herb tea in our lounge after treatment sessions.

*The Beng Teng Spa membership fee (¥1,080) will be charged for registration at the time of first visit.

Plan 1: Body Treatment (110 minutes/20,000 yen)

-Detox Flower Bath Time
-Body Treatment (back, legs, arms, neck, shoulders, decollete, stomach, ear and facial pressure points, scalp) and Body Wrap
-Hot Stone Massage (back, back of legs)

The plan starts with flower bath with salt, which has astounding health benefits and is an excellent way to de-stress and detoxify the whole body. You will enjoy aromatherapy body massage to moisturize your skin, followed by entire body wrap. You will be wrapped and covered with a blanket in order to have organic body oil deeply penetrate into your skin. It will warm and stimulate your body in a deep state of relaxation. Experience a blissful sense of calm and a gentle detox effect!

Plan 2: Body & Facial (110 minutes/20,000 yen)

-Body treatment (back, legs, neck, shoulders, decollete, arms, ear pressure points, scalp)
-Hot Stone Massage (back, back of legs)
-Facial (cleansing, oil massage, white mask, cooling massage, finishing)

Accelerate brightening, improve skin tone, enhance skin clarity and create a fresher, healthier appearance with this effective treatment.


You can call directly to 0466-29-0690 at Beng Teng Spa or make a reservation online.

*Please Note:  You will get Free admission to all Enospa facilities. (only when combined with Beng Teng Spa treatments for 60 minutes or more) . The Beng Teng Spa membership fee (¥1,080) will be charged for registration at the time of first visit.

**Children in elementary school are welcome every day except Sunday and there is a strict no-tattoo policy enforced at the spa.
Also, Enoshima Island Spa offers a device-free experience, so please leave all cameras, phones and electronic devices in your changing area locker.

14639782_1014606495352008_4523940601736610128_nSPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER!

10% off the Entrance fee for the full day spa

Experience bliss in one of the finest day spas in Japan at Enoshima.

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