Enospa is Enoshima Island’s only natural hot spring spa, featuring a myriad of heated pools and rejuvenating amenities. We offer 15 different hot spring (male/female separate) and heated spa pools (co-ed with swimsuit) for your enjoyment.
All the outdoor facilities are pools. The Onsen facility is all indoors and they are open year round.


Natural Hot Spring Onsen

Enjoy the mineral-rich natural hot springs of Enoshima Island. Pumped from 1,500 meters below the ocean surface, our onsen features magnificent views of Mt. Fuji and the Shonan coast. We have a variety of hot springs that range from medium to high temperature, carbonated baths, cold baths and a large dry sauna.

  • Ladies and gentlemen have separate facilities.
  • Heat maintained at optimum temperature for bathing.
  • Water is filtered and circulated for natural resource protection and utmost hygiene.
  • Baths are chlorinated according to hygiene standards under Kanagawa Prefectural Onsen Ordinances.

Please refer to our list of safety guidelines and instructions (Japanese).

Elevated Temperature Hot SpringElevated Temperature Bath

The Natural Onsen Hot Spring contains water pumped from 1,500 meters below the ocean’s surface.





Mid Temperature Hot BathMid-Temperature Bath





Carbonated BathCarbonated Bath
Carbonation in the hot spring water offers detoxifying effects to rejuvenate skin and improve circulation.





Cold BathCold Bath
Use this bath after spending some time in the hot onsen bath or relaxing in the sauna.





The Mt. Fuji View (Fujimi-yu) bath area features a high-temperature sauna inside.





Unisex Spa Pools (swimsuit required)

Indoor Pool

After changing into your swimsuit, enter the indoor pool area. Featuring an open ceiling space, you can feel a sense of release and relaxation as the sunlight streams down to greet you. The Water Pearl Show and Healing Aurora are held here and we hope you enjoy this one-of-a-kind show of light, water and sound!

Sunlight SpringSunlight Spring Pool





pho_waterpearlWater Pearl Show at Sunlight Spring Pool
Enjoy the dreamlike experience with light, sound and water!
Showing times: 7:30 p.m.-/8:30 p.m.- (March to November), 5:30~ p.m.-/7:30 p.m.- (December to February)




Jet SpringJet Spring, Cascade Spring Pool
Enjoy jet springs in the whirlpool bath and cascade spring, which are temperature-regulated in winter season.





Jet Spring Cascade SpringHot Water Bath






Cave Area

Take a view of the bright stars above from our Waterfall Spring bath in the ingenious cave space just above the ocean. Enjoy colorful lightning and the sparkling shore lights on the water during evening hours.

colorful springColorful Spring Pool
Watercolor undulates and evolves in the evening hours.





waterfall spring

Waterfall Spring Pool
Lay flat and enjoy the romantic view of bright stars above from this warming hot spring.





pho_cave_dokutuCave Spring Pool
Float lightly in the warm pools and take in the mystical view of Mt. Fuji as if looking out over the ocean through a picture frame.





pho_cave_seisenCold Spring Pool
The Cold Spring here is also good for refreshing your body after a long warm soak.





Dry SaunaFragrant Aufguss (Dry Sauna)
Aufguss is an herbal sauna experience where our concierge circulates herb-infused air to create a vibrant flow of healing herb warmth over and around your body. Please enjoy these heated herbal fragrances that also comfortably detox your skin.




Outside Pool Area

You can enjoy a relaxing and blissful time with magnificent views of Mt. Fuji and the Shonan Coast out over the ocean. We maintain the water temperature at a comfortable warmth in relation to the outside air temperature.


pho_rotenpool04_wideOpen-air Spring Pool
Our newly renovated outdoor pool is 77-feet long with stunning views of Mt. Fuji.

The outside pool on the 2nd floor will be closed from December 1st to February 28th.