What is the tattoo policy at Enoshima Island Spa?
We have a very strict no-tattoo policy enforced on site. Guests with tattoos (permanent, temporary sticker, henna, etc.) of any size are not permitted within the facilities of Enoshima Island Spa per national onsen operator guidelines. Also, Enoshima Island Spa started out about ten years ago as an exclusive members only luxury spa and all the members signed a strict code of conduct and membership contract. In the contract (since Japan has a long history of mentioning “no tattoos” as policy for hot spring, spas, beaches, etc.) they included a clause for “no tattoos”. The membership is still over 300 people and it is a privately owned club so they continue to follow that policy. Upon discovery of a tattoo while on the premises or during treatment, the guest will be immediately required to leave. We’re unable to offer a refund for either the entrance fee or treatment fee(s) in this case.

Can babies and little children enter the spa facilities?
No. Since the building isn’t constructed in a way that would be safe for little children, they aren’t allowed to enter the spa. Children who are elementary school students are welcome every day except Sundays. Junior high school students can enter the spa with the adult entrance rate.

Are reservations required to enter Enoshima Island Spa?
There is no reservation required for entrance to Enoshima Island Spa, but reservations are required for specific treatments. These requests can be made via email HERE. Entrance rates are listed HERE.

Is there a different price for the Enospa Evening Spa?
Yes. The Evening Spa discount begins at 6:00 pm through the year except weekends and public holidays in July and August. The Evening Spa rate is 1,965 yen per adult.

What is included in the entrance fee?
The entrance fee for Enoshima Island Spa includes access to the Ensopa onsen (hot springs), heated pools and relaxation room. A complimentary robe and towels are also provided for your convenience with visiting the spa. Massages, treatment packages, meals, etc. are available at additional costs.

How do I make a reservation for massages and other treatments at Beng Teng Spa?
We require at least 48 notice for appointments at Beng Teng Spa. You may call the Enoshima Island Spa front desk directly at+81-466-29-0688 (overseas guests) or 0466-29-0688 (guests within Japan) to make a reservation at Beng Teng Spa or go HERE to make a reservation via email. We do our best to respond to reservation requests as quickly as possible. Same-day appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

What are your hours of operation?
Enospa is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm during the regular season (March through November) and from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm during the winter season (December through February). Beng Teng Spa is open from 11:00 am to 9:00 pm (last entry at 8:00 pm) during the regular season and from 11:30 am to 8:45 pm (last entry at 7:45 pm) during the winter season. For more information, please go HERE.

Can couples enjoy the onsen and pools together?
Yes. We have several onsen and pool facilities suitable for couples. Bathing suits are required in couples’ facilities.
All the outdoor facilities are pools. The Onsen facility is all indoors and they are open year round.
You can find more details about our facilities HERE.

Where are bathing suits required?
A bathing suit must be worn when using the pool area (two floors) at Enospa. The onsen-only floor provides a more traditional onsen experience, allowing guests to enjoy the bath without a bathing suit. There is a sauna on this floor.

Are bathing suits available for rent at Enospa?
If you forgot your bathing suit, do not worry. We have swimsuits available for both men and women that can be rented for a fee of 550 yen each.

Is photography permitted within Enoshima Island Spa?
For utmost privacy and peace of mind, we have a strict device-free policy at Enoshima Island Spa. All devices (mobile phones, cameras, tablets, laptops, etc.) should be left in a locker while using the spa. No photography of any kind is allowed within the entire facility. 

Are children allowed at Enoshima Island Spa?
Children over the age of six are welcome every day except Sunday. The children’s entrance fee is 1,540 yen per child.

Are rooms available for an overnight stay?
Enoshima Island Spa is a day spa, not a hotel. Please refer to the following Q&A below.

Are there overnight accommodations located nearby to Enoshima Island Spa?
Please go HERE to learn more about the hotels and Japanese ryokan (inn) located on Enoshima Island or in Kamakura and Fujisawa.

Is parking available at Enoshima Island Spa?
Guests with reservations at Beng Teng Spa have access to free parking in the Enospa lot. Please let our staff know you will require parking when make a reservation. All other visitors can find a guide to nearby fee-based parking lots HERE.

Do you accept credit cards at Enoshima Island Spa?
Yes. We accept payment using the following credit cards:
credit card