New Intestinal Health Plans

Enoshima Beng Teng Clinic is an alliance partner with Enoshima Island Spa. Their staff of highly trained professionals includes DSC00263-300x169doctors, hot spring instructors and managerial dieticians able to recommend effective and personalized treatment plans for each guest.

We’re pleased to introduce two new plans for intestinal health supervised by the clinic. Improving intestinal health promotes whole-body health, with the bowel considered the “second brain,” with a clear link between intestinal and mental wellbeing. Boosting bowel function can benefit the entire digestive system as well as the skin and immune system. Consider trying these new treatments in additional to our signature offerings during your next visit.

Plan A: Dietary Therapy Course (includes spa entrance and meal) 6,500 yen/person
Meal: Japanese hot pot with foods rich in fiber and lactic acid bacterium supervised by the doctor and managerial dietician.
Menus: Amazake (sweet-fermented rice drink), cabbage with kelp, miso and ginger-flavored hot pot with chicken and mushrooms, rice with mixed grains and seaweed, herbal tea or coffee, soymilk custard with toasted soybean flour and berry sauce.

Plan B: Treatment/Massage Course (includes spa entrance and treatment or massage) 10,000 yen/person
1. Treatment at Beng Teng Spa (40 minutes)
Treatment with ginger oil on the abdomen and reflexology on the feet which promote proper bowel activity as well as the use of hot stones to warm you from inside. You have a choice of ginger tea after the treatment.

2. Massage at Yumemi Shiatsu Salon (70 minutes total: 30 minutes for foot/40 minutes for body)
Treating both the soles of feet and body through massage improves your autoimmunity by maintaining body balance and a higher metabolic rate while promoting the optimal flow of the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Please contact us via email here for reservations and inquiries.

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