Retreat Plans

trEnoshima Island Spa is pleased to offer a variety of Retreat Plans, which include spa entrance as well as body treatments, chef’s special seasonal desserts, exercise classes and more. These plans are sure to help you feel rejuvenated and energized!


【Ladies’ Social Plan (9,800 yen/person)】

Spa entrance and body treatment (40 minutes)

Enjoy Enospa with your good friends with full access to the spa as well as a 40-minute spa treatment. Chat about the latest news in the swimming pool while taking in the gorgeous view. Original gifts from Beng Teng Spa will be offered to those who reserve this plan for more than three people.


【Enoshima Spa Therapy Plan (10,000 yen/person)】

Spa entrance, exercise class (in the water or in the studio) , body treatment (40 minutes) and healthy lunch

Through a variety of treatments and healing foods, we approach healthy beauty from inside and outside the body.


【Season Plan (16,800yen/person)】

Spa entrance, body treatment (80 minutes) and chef’s seasonal dessert

This is the perfect plan for the colder season. At Beng Teng Spa, we offer you a cup of ginger herbal tea before the treatment and use ginger oil and hot stones to warm you from inside. After the treatment, enjoy the chef’s seasonal dessert and organic herbal tea at Island Grill Restaurant.


【Reward Plan (19,800 yen/person)】

Spa entrance and body, facial and head treatments (110 minutes) 

Leave the urban hustle and bustle and feel deeply relaxed with these intensive treatments at Beng Teng Spa. The perfect reward for all your hard work.


*Beng Teng Spa membership fee (1,080 yen) is included in all plans.

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10% off the Entrance fee for the full day spa

Experience bliss in one of the finest day spas in Japan at Enoshima.

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