“Shonan no Hoseki (Jewels of Shonan)” Festival on Enoshima Island

Enoshima sea candleIt’s time to go to “Shonan no Hoseki (Jewels of Shonan)” Festival!

“Shonan no Hoseki (Jewels of Shonan)” is an illumination festival held for the 20th time this year and it’s approved as one of the three biggest illuminations in Kanto-area.As Each place in Enoshima is colored with sparkling illuminations centering around Enoshima Sea Candle (Enoshima Lighthouse). From the middle of December, you will enjoy seeing the superb views of 20,000 winter tulips and illuminations.

Don’t miss this romantic and lovely event! It would be lovely to take a walk up to the garden and explore the island.

“Jewels of Shonan” Festival

When: Saturday, November 23 to Sunday, February 16

Time: [from Nov. 23 to Jan. 13] 5:00pm~/ [from Jan. 14 to Frb. 16] 5:30 pm  *Closing time is different depending on each location

Location: the whole Enoshima Island [Samuel Cocking Garden (main venue)/ Enoshima Sea Candle/ Nakatumiya Square/ Kamegaoka Square/ Oiwayamichi Street/ Ryuren no Kane (Lover’s Hill) / Enoshima Iwaya Caves/ Enoshima Yacht Harbor]

Entrance Fee: Required at some places [Samuel Cocking Garden] Adults: 200 yen, Children under 12: 100 yen

When you visit Enoshima Island Spa during this period, you can enjoy a relaxing natural hot bath in the crispy winter air, while watching the sunset behind Mt. Fuji, with the added bonus of viewing the lovely illuminations around the island. Especially in the winter time we have many clear days with a good view of the snowed Mt.Fuji!

If you are interested in Aromaterapy treatment and dining at our restaurant, we are happy to help you with reservation!

Our Night Spa discount starts from 6:00 pm. Only with 1,965 yen per adult, you have access to pools and hot spring facilities. (Part of the outside pool area is closed during winter season.) We offer towels and spa robes to every guest and rental swimsuits are available. No reservation is required for spa entrance.

The Enoshima Island Spa is located across the bridge from Katase-Enoshima Station, just over an hour from the center of Tokyo. We have Enospa visit reports by our guests on the landing page. Take a look at their reviews. They will greatly help you to get a better feel of what Enospa is like! Our Facebook updates about Enospa’s recent news, special campaigns and various Enoshima island attractions regularly.

Enjoy the winter time in Enoshima Island!

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